Top Tips for Successful Fundraising 

  • Set an easy goal and raise it later. Beating the goal is something you can share on social encouraging more donations. 
  • The first donation should be your own. An opening tally above $20 is a great start, and leading the charge of donations by example has an escalating effect on the final dollar amount. 
  • Ask for set amounts. If you ask for $30 donations you're likely to be given $30 donations as opposed to $5 or $10 donations. 
  • Use social channels and email. Share your fundraiser on social media, but don't forget to also send an email out to your friends, family and coworkers. 
  • Tell your story about why you chose Compassion and this cause. The story of why you got involved can make the difference with your friends, family and coworkers. Making the story personal will help you connect with your potential givers. 
  • Update your personal page. Those who update their personal page raise between 7 and 18 times more than those that don't. 
  • Send your friends, family and coworkers an email. Those who send emails can raise between 2 and 11 times more than those who do not use email tools. 


Fundraising Tool Kit: This kit offers you the information and resources you'll need to fundraise in the way you'd like.  
Donation Tracking Form: If you are taking pledges for your fundraiser, use this form and send it to our office when completed.  
Volunteer Network Welcome Guide: Learn more about the Volunteer Network and how you can become part of our Volunteer Community.