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About Fundraising 

Will donors get a tax receipt? 
Yes! Tax receipts are issued for donations over $10 or more. 
What if I’m selling a product or running an auction and a tax receipt is requested? 
This is where things get a bit more complicated, as the Canada Revenue Agency has strict guidelines about what does and doesn’t qualify for a charitable tax receipt. Because ensuring compliance with all of these regulations can be challenging, we have chosen to issue tax receipts only for donations made to Compassion. If an individual is receiving some benefit from their action—for example, winning an item in an auction or purchasing a product—the purchaser will not receive a tax receipt. 
What do I do with the funds raised? 
Please send the funds raised to: 
Compassion Canada 
P.O. Box 5591 
London, ON N6A 5G8 
If you’ve received your donations in cash, we recommend either sending a bank draft or personal cheque for the total amount you’ve raised. 
How do I enter offline gifts (ie. cash & cheque) to my personal page via the participant centre? 
To enter offline gifts (i.e., cash & cheque): 
  • Login to My Fundraiser 
  • For cash & cheque donations, go to the section titled "Me", under "Personal Donations", select "Add" 
  • On the "Enter new gift" page, enter donor information. 
  • Note: Check the box "Additional gift entry fields" to input mailing address. 
I'm trying to submit donations of my donors using one credit card but after a few attempts the credit card is blocked. Why is this happening? 
For security reasons, credit cards will be blocked on occasion if our system notices unusual activity surrounding the transaction. Unusual activity includes, but is not limited to:  
  • Information entered on the donation form does not match the info found on the billing details of the credit card 
  • Multiple successful transactions have been made within short time window (usually a few minutes) 
  • Multiple failed transactions have been made from the same IP address 
To confirm if your credit card has been blocked, contact the Compassion Canada office
How can I receive a duplicate copy of my tax receipt?  
Assuming that the email address you entered when submitting the donation online is correct, you will automatically receive a tax receipt attached to an email shortly after completing the donation online. 
How can I change the name and the address on the tax receipt? 
Please contact the Compassion Canada office to update the information on your tax receipt. 
Is it possible to make a donation to another person via My Fundraiser? 
Yes! To do this, go to the homepage and click the “Donate” button. Enter the person's first and last names and click on “Search” to find the individual's name you would like to donate to. 
How do I make a donation online to a person or team?  
You can donate to individuals or teams by clicking the “Donate” button on your event site. Once clicked, you will be presented with an option to search for the person or team that you would like to donate to. 
In filling out the Gift Information form, what is the difference between the Recognition Name and the Billing Info Name?  
The Billing Info Name should be the name that appears on the payment method being used and is the name that will appear on the tax receipt (ex. John Smith). The Recognition Name is the name that appears on the person's honour roll (ex. Dad). 
How do I sign in to My Fundraiser? 
Follow these steps to login to My Fundraiser: 
  • Click the login button which is located at the top right corner of the page you are visiting. 
  • Enter your username and password. You will be directed to your My Fundraiser once you are logged in. 
How do I personalize the email templates and send out to my contacts through My Fundraiser? 
To send out a personalized email via My Fundraiser:  
  • Login to My Fundraiser. Click the "Email" tab, click the "Compose" button. 
  • Select the appropriate email template from the dropdown list that appears on screen. Click "Next". 
  • Edit the templated message to personalize it. A link to your personal fundraising page will automatically be included at the bottom of each message when it is sent. 
  • Choose an email layout. 
  • When you are finished editing your message, click "Next" to select your recipients and/or import your contacts. 
  • After you've selected your recipients, click "Next" to see a preview of your message and click "Send". 
I forgot my username and password. How do I find this information? 
If you have forgotten your username, click on Forgot your username? 
How do I recover email contacts and personal page contents from previous years?  
Email contacts and personal page updates are carried over from previous years. However, you need to ensure that you are logging in with the same username as previous years. 
Why am I not receiving emails sent from My Fundraiser? 
It is possible that you have opted out of receiving My Fundraiser email messages. To confirm this, please contact the Compassion Canada office
How do I import contacts into My Fundraiser? 
To import contacts from an external service provider: 
  • Login to My Fundraiser
  • Click "Email" tab. 
  • Click "Contacts" button. 
  • Click "Import Contacts" button. 
  • Follow the onscreen instructions provided to complete the process of importing contacts. 
How do I change my personal goal through My Fundraiser? 
  • Login to My Fundraiser.  
  • Go to "Your Fundraising Progress", select "Edit Goal" 
  • Enter the new goal and save. 
How do I change my team goal through My Fundraiser?  
You have to be a Team Captain to change your team goal. 
  • Login to My Fundraiser
  • Select My Team 
  • Team Progress - Edit Goal 
  • Enter new team goal and save. 
Can I register my name for two different fundraisers at once? 
Your email address can only be used once to create a fundraiser or join a team. You will need to use a different email address if you are creating or joining additional fundraisers.  
When I register, can I give my fundraiser a unique name instead of using my own name? 
Please register your fundraiser using your own first and last name. You may change the title on your “Personal Page” from “Welcome to My Personal Page” to your own unique title. Feel free to also use a photo of your choosing. 
I would like to fundraise, but I’m not sure where to start. 
The Volunteer Network team will be happy to coach and encourage you in your fundraising efforts. We have a lot of ideas to share so please reach out to us at or give us a call!