Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

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Water is essential to life. This means that access to clean water is a right that every child should have. With your gift, you can ensure that children are able to have easy, consistent and safe access to clean water through boreholes, wells, rainwater harvesting systems or water filters. With solutions that fit with each child’s context for maximum impact, this gift helps children not just survive, but thrive.
Did you know that hand washing could prevent more than a million unnecessary deaths for children under the age of five each year? It is crucial for children to regularly wash their hands in order to stay healthy. This gift will bring life-saving access to hand washing facilities in the communities of vulnerable children and their families.
Did you know that more than half of the global population doesn’t have access to safe sanitation facilities? Access to a clean washroom is key in preventing the spread of deadly infectious diseases like cholera. Your gift will help to fund the construction of safe washrooms, giving dignity and protection from disease to hundreds of children.
Water, sanitation and hygiene are some of our most basic needs, and a lack of access to them can be deadly. With this gift, you will ensure that children around the world have clean water to drink, the ability to practice good hygiene and protection from deadly diseases through things such as washrooms, hand washing stations and hygiene education.

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