Education and Training for Kids and Youth in Poverty

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A lack of access to up-to-date textbooks and learning resources can negatively affect a child’s motivation and academic performance. This gift provides children living in poverty with access to textbooks at their Compassion centre, in a library space designed to help them study and learn with excellence.
Technology is a powerful tool in the fight against poverty. Computers are increasingly becoming a necessity for student success. This gift provides students with access to computers at their Compassion centre in a computer lab designed to help them achieve their educational goals.
For students living in poverty, tuition fees can be the difference between being trapped or breaking free from the cycle of poverty. This gift covers tuition fees for students attending high school, college or university, enabling them to achieve their dreams for the future.
When you give to the Education and Training Fund, you will provide children and youth in poverty with access to learning resources and educational opportunities to equip them for futures free from poverty. This includes textbooks, computers, tuition for vocational training, college or university and other essential learning materials.

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