Safety and Stability for Children and Families in Poverty

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Poverty increases a child’s risk of abuse, trafficking, child marriage, child labour and other forms of exploitation. During times of crisis, these risks only increase. This gift enables Compassion centres to run child protection workshops for caregivers and community members, equipping them to ensure that children are known, loved and protected at home, at school and in the community.
A local Compassion centre is a safe haven for children living in poverty. It’s here that children receive access to their basic needs as well as the opportunity to hear the Good News of Jesus. With this gift, you will help ensure that Compassion centres are properly equipped to meet the needs of the children they serve each day.
The devastation of losing your home to an environmental disaster is one that is all too familiar to many families living in poverty. Tragically, those living in poverty are also the most vulnerable to the harrowing effects of environmental disasters, which have only gotten worse in recent years. This gift helps rebuild a safe home for a family in desperate need in the aftermath of an environmental disaster.
When you give to the Safety and Stability Fund, you will provide vital essentials such as housing support and infrastructure improvements to families and communities in need, often in the aftermath of crises or environmental disasters. This fund also supports caregivers and communities in accessing training such as child protection workshops, ensuring safer communities where children are known, loved and protected.

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