Life-saving relief to families impacted by the Global Food Crisis

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Amidst a global food crisis, the reality of trying to put food on the table can feel like a challenge with no reprieve for those who live in poverty. The gift of a meal helps caregivers fill hungry stomachs and provides tangible hope to families amidst this daily struggle.
For a child living in extreme poverty, a diet lacking in protein, fruits and vegetables is all too common. This is exacerbated when facing a global food crisis, with acute food insecurity more prevalent than ever. Help fight malnutrition in the life of a child by providing supplemental, protein-rich food, vitamins and medical care to help them grow healthy and strong.
Our world is facing a global food crisis and it is the most vulnerable who experience the harshest impact. Families in poverty have been thrust into food insecurity and are facing acute hunger, sometimes with as little as one small meal a day. With your gift, you can provide a food pack to a family in need. Each food pack includes essentials like rice, oils, oats, milk, corn and meat
Backyard farms are a sustainable way to fight hunger. But many families in poverty who are facing acute food insecurity lack the resources to start a backyard farm for themselves. With your gift, you will empower a family in poverty by providing education, seeds, fertilizer and tools to help them create and sustain their own backyard farm.
The global food crisis is the worst hunger emergency the world has seen in decades. For those who are living in extreme poverty, the crisis is pushing them to the brink of starvation. When you give to the Global Food Crisis Fund, you will fill hungry bellies through meals and food packs, combat malnutrition through intentional care and provide the resources families need to start a backyard farm as a sustainable and ongoing source of food.

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