Support for Moms and Babies in Poverty

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Support a new mother as she welcomes her baby into the world by providing the basic supplies to properly care for her newborn such as blankets, soap, lotion and diapers. This hand-delivered gift from Compassion centre staff provides caregivers with the essentials for their baby and helps them know they are supported, loved and not alone.
The first year of a child’s life is critical. COVID-19 has only made it harder for new parents to receive proper medical care for their newborns. With this gift, you can help ensure that new parents living in poverty have access to basic medical services for their baby in those crucial first 12 months.
Proper nutrition is a critical need for moms and babies who live in extreme poverty. With this gift, you will provide a mother and her baby with six-months’ worth of supplemental food and nutrition which is vital to ensure that moms and babies not only survive, but thrive.
The risks for expectant mothers in poverty are significant and tragically, maternal mortality rates are unacceptably high in low-resource settings. When you give this gift, you provide an expecting mother with the resources to ensure a healthy pregnancy and delivery such as medical care and regular check-ups, proper nutrition and the education she needs to welcome a healthy baby into the world.
When you give to the Moms and Babies Fund, your gift provides tangible care and life-saving support to moms and babies living in poverty during the most critical time of life. This includes pre-natal care, health checkups for both mother and baby, critical medical care, food for malnourished moms and babies, and the essentials for newborns. Most of the millions of children who die every year pass away in their first year of life from preventable causes. Your gift will make a life-saving difference for babies and families in poverty.

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